15 Months Old

Baby Joey is now a 15 month old little boy well on his way to being a full blown toddler. He is 20lbs 2 oz & 30.25" tall. He is signing all the time now. Usually for food but sometimes he signs for MORE just because. He often gives coy looks making us think he is up to something. But more often than not he is walking around totally happy with his mouth wide open or just smiling.He has big brother envy. Whatever Johnnie is doing he wants to be doing. If Johnnie has a pacifier, Joey wants to walk around with one in his mouth chewing on one which cracks us up because he has NEVER used one. If Johnnie cries, Joey sympathy cries. And this weekend we were out in the backyard enjoying the nice weather. Rick & Johnnie were hitting golf balls. Well actually Rick was hitting golf balls & Johnnie was running around with a golf club picking up all the balls. Joey decided it was something he wanted to do too so he chased Johnnie around until he dropped the putter so he could pick it up. This led to the 1st of many golf lessons I'm sure will occur with daddy. And this final photo was taken to show off the pretty earrings my friend Megan made for me but it definitely shows off how quickly my little boy is growing & once again I can't stop it.

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Megan said...

He is just so cute. I love the golf picture. I am so glad you like the earrings. They look nice on you!