Friday Firsts

Our baby boy had his 1st haircut this past Sunday. We put it off as long as we could because we knew that as soon as that 1st professional haircut was done our baby would look like a little boy. Well after weeks of pushing Joey's bangs out of his face, we decided it was time. So off to FIRST CUT SALON we went. Jojo sat in the airplane chair & Miss Jenny started cutting away. Rick only had to get involved once to make sure he didn't climb out of the chair. He was excited to point out the car on the tv screen across the room while he was having the hair removed from his clothes. Miss Jenny didn't cut his hair too short so we could maintain that baby look for just a little while longer. No tears so overall it wasn't too traumatic for the parents or the baby boy. Johnnie & Jimmy were there too. Johnnie had his hair cut too & Jimmy just tagged along for the ride. And as a treat we got a milkshake for the boys to share. Jojo loved it. He clenched his teeth down on the straw so we couldn't pull it away but we did get it away. So the next time we let him have a sip he put both his hands under the cup so we COULDN'T take the cup away. Such a cutie & so smart too.

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