When we had our 1st baby EVERYTHING was a big deal. The 1st time he opened his eyes, the 1st time he pooped, that 1st bath, getting excited about an umbilical cord falling off, that 1st haircut, crawl, word, step and so on. Then with the addition of a new baby we still got excited over these things but to a slightly lesser degree. Now that we have 3 boys under the age of 2 1/2 years old, life is about getting through each day with some sense of our sanity in place. For people who don't know me I am the type of person who likes to document everything from the biggest details like 1st steps to the smallest details such as what day they each noticed the kitty cats. So even though I'm very busy I don't want to forget the little things so here are some photos of FIRSTS.

Cookie Bouquet that my best friend Heather sent to celebrate Jimmy's arrival.1st Spongebath (Johnnie was a big help)1st bath with all 3 boysI love photos of baby's bottoms but never really post them. But I thought this one was too cute not to share. Jimmy's 1st time in the swing. He loves it & ALWAYS falls asleep in it.1st time in your carseat1st time on your playmat. You weren't interested until the music turned on.1st nap in the cribCute little body parts


J.J. Killins said...

again the last one is my fave, those itty finger, ah! but the bare buns huns are a close second. i'm glad you're not too crazed to post all this stuff for me who can't be there to see it!

Katie said...

Such sweet photos. Love the bare bottoms...especially seeing the difference in skin color. From behind you would never know they are brothers!

Jackie Kelly said...

Love the 'tusch' takes -- those will be sure to be shown to future girfriends! Also the shots of little hands and feet are precious. Good job Cathy!