Ten on Tuesday- Holiday Catch Up

1. I am always taking pictures & this vacation was no exception. We had a really good time with Christmas Eve, Christmas, Joey's Birthday party & just hanging out with friends & family. After this whole week of being sick Joey is finally feeling better & back to his normal self.2. These were just hanging out in front of the house. Not something we see everyday in Los Angeles.3. Later in the evening after Joey's party was over & mostly everyone had left, Joey had the privilege of being read to by his "uncle Mike". Not an uncle by relation but he has been Rick's best friend for 22 years. 4. I had to convince the Bolanders & Kellys that they really wanted to participate in one of my photo shoots. With a little coaxing (begging) everyone cooperated & had a great time. Here are some of the photos. Rick's sister (Krys) & niece (Isobel). 5. Rick's mom & stepdad joined in the fun too. 6. Rick's dad & stepmom came down from Vermont to visit us. Not only did they want to see their kids & grandkids but I think it gave them the opportunity to warm up a little.7. My friend Kristy of 22 years drove in from Boston for the birthday party & a visit. Thanks for making the trip Coop. It was so nice to see you & I can't wait for our next visit. Oh yeah. Thanks for the books. They both keep asking to have TEN LITTLE LADYBUGS read to them.8. We woke up on our last morning there & decided we needed some music to liven things up. Even Joey wanted to dance.9. That evening gramma & Joey spent some time playing. Peek A Boo & the tickle game. Joey spent most of his week back East sick so it was really nice to see him playful & happy. And really who wouldn't be happy playing with gramma?
10. Our last night there Rick & I wanted our Carvel ice cream fix so we got Johnnie all bundled up & headed out in to the cold to get our soft serves.
BONUS PIC. I was able to capture this beautiful Connecticut sunset while out there.

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