It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To

We were lucky enough to celebrate Joey's 1st birthday 4 days early with our East coast family & friends. Guests traveled from all over Connecticut & New York, Boston & Vermont to celebrate this special day with our little guy. Joey was sick so he spent a lot of today crying. So sad for two reasons. Obviously because we don't want him to feel bad & also because everyone who came didn't get to really see our chill baby boy. Johnnie was sick today so after one family photo he spent the rest of the party sleeping. It was so nice to see so many relatives. Including my grandma. All of Joey's living grandparents. Some of his cousins. And many others. Joey's birthday cake was made by cousin Isobel's daddy. It sure was tasty & so cute. He made Joey his own little car to eat, which he enjoyed for a few bites. He spent the rest of the day being a little cranky & crying off & on. He was really only content when I was holding him or he was holding me. Hope you feel better on your actual birthday but you sure are one lucky loved little guy.

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Katie said...

Awesome CAKE! Can he come out and make Kelsea's?

Sorry you didn't feel well at your party Joey, but hey it's your party and you can cry if you want to...heeheehee