Make It STOP!

This past Friday Rick & I went to my company Christmas party. Rare occasions for a couple with kids to get out especially when I'm always pretty tired being so pregnant. Well we went to the Queen Mary for dinner & had a nice night. During the evening I won a remote control mini helicopter. Tonight Rick decided to share it with the boys. At first they were both really interested watching it fly around the room. But then it flew really close to Joe's head & he either got really angry or frightened. Either way you can see that he wanted it to stop flying. By the smile on Rick's face you can see that not only did he not stop flying but he was having a great time. And being the responsible parent that I am, I of course just continued taking photos. I guess we have both had better parenting days.


Sara said...

You guys clean up nice.

Katie said...

Who is that good looking couple? (-:

That last picture is priceless!