10 on Tuesday-Impatience

1.Tonight I brought home a gift for both Johnnie & Joey from my dear friend Chris. I was hoping to set them aside until after we returned home from Christmas in Connecticut, but my impatient boys started opening the gifts as soon as they saw them.

2. It seems Joey wanted to help Johnnie open his gift to poor Johnnie's dismay.
3. A Lego bus that Johnnie was really happy with.4. And Joey was really happy with it too.5. Joey started opening his gift. He didn't really understand what to do, but he tried.6. I think Joe was pleading with Johnnie for some help.7. And with that help he was able to finish opening his very first Christmas gift.8. A moment of silence while they play nice.9. Next time I will hide the gifts from the boys. Lesson learned. But it was fun to watch.

10. And last but not least. I bought the boys some pants & Johnnie used a pair as a hat & my new slippers fit him quite nicely. Of course they were too big for him, but he had no trouble walking around in them. Again I will comment that kids are hilarious.

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