Christmas Morning

Not a very catchy title but at least you know what the post is about. Merry Christmas everyone! Joey & I were the 1st ones up & even though he doesn't understand what's going on yet I brought him in to the living room to see what Santa might have left behind. He enjoyed crawling over the gifts but never tried to rip any open. Johnnie was the last one to wake up since he was still on West coast time but after he finished eating breakfast it was off to open gifts after reading Santa's note. Johnnie as always was very helpful. He made sure Joey knew how to open gifts & of course he had to make sure Joey knew how to play with the gifts. As you can see he did. Joey even enjoyed explaining his toys to grandpa Joe while Johnnie showed daddy how to use his new Doodle Pro. Rick is wearing the Patriots jersey his sister gave him. I wonder if I'll be seeing a lot of that throughout our marriage. All the kids had a great Christmas morning with way too many gifts including cousin Isobel who was reading parts of her new book to her mom. All this gift opening left Joey a little exhausted & with some head tickling from grandma he was out cold. Grandpa & Auntie Kim & Kayci were also on the East coast for the holidays visiting our grandma, aunts & uncles. They came over for the afternoon to spend the day together & to have Christmas dinner. Having them with us made my Christmas complete.

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