Christmas Eve 2008

So this is our 2nd day in Connecticut. The trip out here was okay. Johnnie sat in his car seat on the plane the entire time. I think he was just super excited to watch movies, suck on his pacifier & drink juice the whole flight. He never even asked to get out of his seat. When we arrived at JFK his diaper was so wet it had soaked through his pajamas. Guess he was just happy to get to do things he doesn't usually get to do all day. Poor Joey on the other hand was fine until he got tired & could barely sleep on the flight. His cold also got worse with each hour that went by & he cried the last 2 hours of the flight. But now that we are here he has his happy moments when he's not in pain from his cold & very bad teething. We spent the day catching up with Rick's mom, stepdad, sister (Krys) & niece (Isobel).

And then that evening we decorated the tree. Joey was excited to help get the decorations out of the box but he was done after that & since he had transitioned to East coast time our first morning there he went to bed right after this picture. Don't they look cute in their new Christmas pjs?
The rest of the evening Johnnie helped his daddy put ornaments on the tree. He was really in to it constantly saying "Again." And the higher the better. All Done. Off to read Twas The Night Before Christmas & wait for the arrival of Santa.

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Shelly Z. said...

I love their Christmas PJ's!!! Great work on the flight. I'm sure it was very loooooong... :-)