10 on Tuesday

1. I wanted to post a Happy Father's Day message on Sunday, but my internet connection was nowhere to be found. So better late than never. To the dads in my life- you are loved dearly!2. Speaking of our internet connection. Time Warner is the worst cable company we have ever dealt with. First our internet wouldn't work, then our cable stopped working on Father's Day of course (no basketball & no golf) & then today they didn't show up for our scheduled appointment to fix our stuff. AARGH!

3. Back to Father's Day. Rick loves tee-shirts so I had this one made for him so he could always remember what our lives were like this Father's Day.4. Army Wives has just started back up again & if you haven't watched this show before, it's not too late. Lifetime on Sunday nights at 10pm.

5. Already being goofy together. I would love to say they were imitating monkeys but no, this just happened to be the faces they were making just because.6. Rick is very happy. The Celtics won the NBA championship tonight by 40 points. Not a great way to end a series for Laker fans...there's always next year, right?

7. Joey is 24 weeks old now. He is teething & therefore crying, cranky with pain & dealing with a fever. But he still managed to give me a few smiles while laying in our front yard.8. Still practicing sitting. Tried sweet potatoes & green beans last week & loved them both. He's wearing a shirt Johnnie used to wear to let bimpa (aka. grandpa) know how he feels about him. See #9 to see Johnnie in the shirt. 9. Not Friday but still a flashback photo. Johnnie at 17 weeks old.10. Not trying to crawl yet but loving trying to stand with help.


J.J. Killins said...

happy fr's day rick!

i'm ALL about army wives! yay for a whole new LONG season of it!

Katie said...

Army Wifes huh? Maybe I'll give it a try. Just got to remember to DVR it!

Great photos! Hope Joey is feeling better!

Megan said...

The entire time we were in California not once did Time Warnerr show up for their appointments. They would show up a day or two later and expect me to be there. We were not at all happy with their service. Great photo of the boys making faces with each other. So cute.