10 on Tuesday-Joey Edition

1. Joey was sick AGAIN last week. A case of thrush, coughing, fever & an overall feeling of yucky.

2. Summer officially started this past Saturday & boy did the warm weather come with it. It was over 100 degrees at our house, but luckily we had our air conditioning replaced a few weeks back so as long as we stayed inside we were comfortable. Because we only left the house for a birthday party Joey was able to fully recover so he is back to his happy self again.3. He added peas & apples to his diet this week & just like his big brother he remains a fan of veggies but hasn't fully warmed up to the taste of fruit yet.

4. For the last week he has woken up 2-3 times between 12am-5am for a feeding. Here's hoping being healthy helps him return to only getting up 1-2 times again.

5. This weekend Joey woke up a full hour before Johnnie so we were able to spend some alone time together playing & of course taking some pics.6. I was showing Joey how to use his stackable cloth rings. He just wanted to suck on the holder.7. Johnnie joined in on the fun once he woke up which of course means that he wanted to take all the toys away that Joey was playing with. Notice how full his mouth is. He was still chewing his last bite of french toast.8. Johnnie took all the toys away & in the process knocked Joey over. It doesn't look like Joey was bothered much.9. Joey is starting to actually play while on his tummy rather than just being annoyed that he's stuck there. He will play with his toys & practice rolling over from his belly to his back. We're still waiting for the day he decides to roll from his back to his belly. 10. Pretty sure this face means tummy time is over & the perfect way to end today's post.

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