Happy New Year 2008

Here I am heading out to the hospital on New Year's Eve ready to meet our new baby!
Our surgery started out later than planned but all went well. About 10 minutes in to the surgery, Dr. Nelson announced that we were about to meet you. A couple seconds later (at 12:41pm), we heard your cry. The most beautiful high pitched little cry. They put you on my chest & the doctor took our family photo.Here is our little guy. Joseph Michael Bolander (JOEY). He was 7lbs 1oz & 20" long. He is doing great. Nursing & sleeping well.
Check back often to see updates of our boys!


Katie said...

Congratulations Mama and Dada! He's adorable! I can't wait to meet him!

Megan said...

Congratulations! So sweet. He is just so handsome.

jkelly003 said...

Congratulations Cathy and Rick! Of course we're partial but we think Joey is just beautiful. Can't wait to give him a big squeeze.

Love to all from two of the proud grandparents,

Mom and Joe

Shelly Z. said...

Congrats Cathy!! Not sure if you remember me...Shelly from DMSP. Ha ha!!! You have such cute boys!!