Going Home & Settling In

We are all home now trying to settle in & get used to our new family of 4. Joey & I were discharged from the hospital last night around 5pm. I wanted to be home in time to put Johnnie to bed. I have decided that 3 nights away is too long. When I walked in, he came right over, looked up at me & said "mama".
Here is Joey dressed & ready to head home. I originally brought the same outfit for him to wear that Johnnie wore, but he was a little longer & it didn't fit so he wore Outfit #2 instead.We couldn't wait to see Johnnie's reaction to his brother (if he would even notice). As soon as we put Joey's carseat down in front of him, he pointed at him, leaned down to try & kiss him & said "baby". Daddy held both his boys so Johnnie could get a better look. I think he was looking for his belly button. Just looking at this photo makes all the pain of surgery & heartache of being away from home worth it. Today I was able to take this photo of both boys laying next to each other. Johnnie has always seemed so small to us, but now he seems so big. Here he is with his pacifier in his mouth & Joey's in his hand (& the battle for possession has already begun). Looking at them brings such joy & reminds me how much I love my life.


Megan said...

Welcome home. So sweet, those two boys. They are so precious.

J.J. Killins said...

and all those pics make me all the more anxious to start taking my own!

Katie said...

I love the picture of them looking at each other! Such great friends they will be! Thanks for letting me hold Joey Friday, almost makes me want to have another...(-: