Oh Christmas Tree

We have been so busy this year that we just recently put the tree up. Rick put the tree with lights up & then we let the kids (with daddy's help to reach the higher parts) decorate the tree.  
They all had so much fun. Johnnie is a pro at this point & picks out the perfect spot to place the ornaments.
 Joey wants to place all his homemade ornaments up high to avoid Holly's little fingers. Jimmy is still a little perfectionist & spends a lot of time trying to decide where to place his ornaments. Holly just enjoyed removing the ornaments & putting them back but she was smiling the whole time so that was okay. Once the tree was decorated I took a photo of it with our decorated mantle. And then I wanted a closeup of the tree but quick children bumping into mommy tends to create a blur (a pretty one, but still a blur).  
And last but not least I was able to capture what is now my favorite Christmas photo of my children. A peaceful moment of them admiring their handiwork. We're ready for Santa's visit now. Are you?

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