Tough Mudder

At the beginning of this year my knee was operated on. As soon as I started to heal I decided I needed to sign up for some type of race to train for...a 1/2 marathon, a mud run or better yet a combination of the two. Then my friend Heather made the suggestion that we should get a group of girls together & do the Tough Mudder. My decision to pick a race was made for me. So a group of 5 ladies set out to get ready for this run. We ran, did pushups, situps, stairs, pull-ups & of course the occasional happy hour was attended. The weekend had arrived. We donned our referee inspired outfits & took a picture to document that we started out clean.  
We ran 11 miles & completed 29 obstacles that included crawling through mud, jumping into freezing ice cold water, climbing up horrible sand dunes, scaling walls & the final obstacle of running through wires containing 10,000 volts of electricity. It will take a while for me to forget those wires that I expected to feel like bee stings but instead felt like baseball bats but overall it was a great race. And we may not look that muddy but I think our filthy, stained outfits speak for themselves.  
We were very proud of ourselves & headed south to check in to the San Diego W for an evening of drinking & dancing. It was a great weekend spent with girlfriends & it was all thanks to our husbands who stayed home with kiddos.

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