Lucky Number 7

Today Johnnie turned 7. How is that possible? My baby boy is truly not a baby, he's not even a little boy anymore but instead I swear I blinked & he became this BOY...a little man. He still loves football, especially the Patriots 
video games, Legos, his daddy, confetti cake 
chicken nuggets & melting his mama's heart with those watery looking dark eyes. His brother Jimmy adores him 
& the 3 boys together is what we always imagined having 3 in 2 years would be like. 
They play together all the time which means they also fight together all the time. And the way he takes care of his mini look alike sister is heartwarming. He is always checking on her, playing with her & just being a great big brother to her.
This boy is growing up into a wonderful little man but he has a great role model so I'm not surprised.

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