Anniversary Week

This week Rick & I have been together for 15 years. 9 year of marriage but all those first years as a couple should be remembered too. These days there aren't a lot of hours to go out & celebrate so I thought I would share what our week has been like instead. Holly discovered her love for football jerseys. Good thing she looks cute or this one would never be worn in this house. 
She also had her fingernails painted for the first time & she loved it.  
Johnnie completed reading all 52 books in Kindergarten which is a huge accomplishment that all the children DON'T do so it made it even more special. I attended the Kinder picnic & captured a picture of Johnnie with his teacher Miss Hayes. 

 The kids spend so many hours playing in the backyard. Sometimes they get along & often times they fight so when they are being nice to each other I try & make sure to get a picture of them together. They also spend a ton of hours playing with Madelyn & Luke who live next door. And they love them. 
And thanks to my sister Rick & I were able to go out to dinner alone to celebrate our anniversary. We don't get a lot of dinners alone but we do always get away to celebrate us. It will be so fun one day to look back at all the pictures of us on this day to see how much we have changed. I love you Rick & I love our life.

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