Our Baby Girl is 7 Months Old

Holly is now 7 months old. She loves to eat which like her brothers is not reflected in these stats. 26" tall (35%) & 15 lbs 7 oz (25%). She is a very happy baby. Constantly smiling, giggling, laughing out loud & trying to be involved with anything her brothers do.
She has many loves right now. Her brothers, especially Johnnie
her grandpa
& my face especially my chin. She puts her hands on my face every time I hold her but when she's hungry she sucks on my chin. It's very cute & we NEED TO GET IT ON VIDEO.
These last group of photos were taken during Holly's 7 month photo shoot after she had received 2 shots. Even those didn't seem to ruin her day or her personality. And they are just so her. Pleased with herself.
Seriously intense with her expressive eyes.
And constantly trying to melt our hearts with her smiley self. Thank you for the daily smiles sweetie. We love you!

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Jennifer said...

I really can't believe she's 7 months already! Where has the time gone? My next trip to LA will probably be June--maybe I can meet her then?