5 Months & A Whole Lot Different

Our girl is 5 months old now. Crazy how fast time flies. I swear she was just born yesterday but no, in fact it has been a very quick 5 months. She is still a little baby but each day she becomes more of a little person with her own great personality. This month she found her feet
started eating solid food
finally started enjoying tummy time
watched her 1st football game with daddy
started reaching for her dangly friends
spent lots of time with her biggest brother (he's still the only one who truly enjoys her company)
& started trying to learn to drink from a sippy cup.
And the most important thing she did this month was made me realize that she is our last baby. There will be no more sleepless nights just enjoying my alone time in the quiet with her so I have to enjoy all the quiet times I get with her now. I need to spend less time worrying about the new wrinkles I have gained & how much older I look & instead just relish each moment I get to hold my baby girl (& boys when they will let me.) Happy 5 Months little one!

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