My Birthday Baby

Two years ago you entered our lives & nothing has been the same since. You are our little ham. Always making us laugh. Always wanting to be in the middle of everything. Always full of love, cuddles & kisses. Early this morning I took photos of you just being you in our front yard. You are so funny & giggly. And you absolutely LOVE your lovey. This little bunny goes everywhere with you. During your well check appointment today you held tight to it for the entire time. It calmed you & kept you from crying, even during your shots. And during your check up we found out you have gained a little weight. You are now 24 pounds 15 oz (15%) & you are 34.25" (40%). You have definitely entered the terrible twos. You love to say no & you already throw temper tantrums. But for the most part you remain a very happy child. And as much as you smile this is your signature face. Holding bunny with the cutest little smirk. We love that face. And we also love watching you sleep which is what you were doing at 9:50am. The exact time you were born. Peacefully sleeping in your car seat. I can't wait to see what this year brings. Your personality will continue to grow. You will make us laugh & smile all the time & I'm sure you will push our buttons but we love you just the same. Happy Birthday Baby Boy!


Jackie Kelly said...

Beautiful shots of our birthday boy. Happy Birthday Jimmy! You're having almost a full week's celebration, you lucky rascal.
Love and hugs from Gramma and Grampa Joe

J.J. Killins said...

Happy Birthday Jimmy!!