Trim the Tree

1. The 5th night in December the Advent calendar told us to decorate our Christmas tree & we listened. Johnnie was so excited. He jumped right in all on his own as soon as I opened the box of ornaments. 2. But he did allow Auntie Kim to help out a little. 3. And Jimmy learned by watching his big brother.4. And he happily showed grandpa what to do. Such a quick learner. 5. And Joey wasn't so interested until he saw this Pinocchio ornament.6. And I was there too. Mostly rearranging ornaments but also helping the boys put them on the tree.7. A lift from daddy helped put some fun ornaments like the guitar up top.8. Johnnie also asked grandpa for a lift so he could decorate up top as well. 9. But mostly he just enjoyed the lights & the ornaments all on his own. It was a wonderful evening & a great start to our holiday.10. These 2 photos were taken the night we went to see the lighting of the Fort MacArthur Christmas tree. Our family photo & the train ride with mama & Auntie Kim.

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