Birthday Boy!

How is it possible that Joey is now 3 years old? Our birthday boy is a New Year's baby & we are lucky enough to have friends who were willing to spend the last afternoon of 2010 celebrating our boy. Jojo remains our most stubborn child with the biggest heart. His gaze can melt your heart. And his temper can make you cry in frustration. He still loves baseball, golf, jumping in the trampoline & basketball. He remains our only daddy's boy & I don't see this changing any time soon. His laugh is infectious. He is always speaking in full sentences. He is now in swim lessons & loves it but would just prefer to play in the water. He is in the preschool room with Johnnie at daycare & is not only the youngest in the room but one of the bossiest. These two photos were taken at his birth time of 12:41pm & does a good job of showing his personality. You're a tough kid Joe but we love you more than you know Enjoy being 3 but try & slow down a little?


Megan said...

I can't believe he is three already. It looks like you had a fun party!

Cristina Chestnut said...

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