Our 33 Month Old Antagonist

Joey continues to be a unique little boy. So loving one minute & then arguing with us or knocking down toys his brothers have just because. He is always willing to help clean when asked & he is usually ready to give my camera smiles. He slept in a bed for the first time this month while on our vacation to Arrowhead & showed us that he is in fact ready to transition out of the crib. He is using the potty many times during the day but is not fully ready to transition out of diapers yet. He still loves to rough house with anyone willing & loves to ask questions about everything. He loves bedtime stories. And we usually end up listening to him sing the songs at bedtime instead of us. His favorite movie is The Curse of the Were Rabbit & his favorite cartoon right now is Penguins of Madagascar. He is a tough kid to handle sometimes but can always make us smile just by looking at us. Love you big guy.

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Megan said...

He is the worst kind of antagonist too. I mean, how you can you possibly get upset with that adorable face!