19 Months

What a little character you are growing in to. Our little mimic. You repeat everything we say including, "Awwwwsum (Awesome), @*ck (Truck- that one needs some work), Jojo, Jonhe (Johnnie), Gwanpa (Grandpa), Wemote (Remote), bwefast (breakfast) & of course Word World & honestly just too many other words to list.

You're a great runner
a cuddler a climber a BIG flirt always with your Mine (your little bunny) & my littlest blonde lovebug!


Megan said...

Where does all that blonde come from? I love that last one of the two of you.

Jackie Kelly said...

What a cutie! Getting more and more blond -- Rick was a real blondie at that age.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness--I clearly haven't been making the blog rounds often enough! How much he has changed in just a few months! Miss you guys, and I'm sure you've figured out the best way to keep in touch with me is Facebook. :-)