10 on Tuesday

1. I knew having children would be the hardest & best thing that ever happened to Rick & me but no one told me that it would sometimes be the funniest moments in life. Johnnie LOVES all things superheroes. Underwear, pajamas, books, tee-shirts, etc. And on this night before we left for dinner Johnnie was being his "superboy" self, running around in his Batman underroos & his "superhero" boots. So funny! 2. I am so over the rain. We definitely need it but keeping our boys in the house all weekend makes for very long days. They tend to go stir crazy, running all over the house, yelling & well basically trying our patience. We miss you sun. Come stay for awhile.

3. Jimmy now loves Word World just like his older brothers. When the theme song starts he quickly walks over to the television, claps & starts bouncing his knees up & down. And because we don't ask him to move away from the tv, Johnnie & Joey run up & join in. 4. Joey also loves to take off his pants & run around. You can't tell in this photo, but he also likes to remove his diaper as well. Like I said they make us laugh a lot. 5. So during one of our rainy days inside we let the boys sit at the island painting, coloring & stamping. Lesson learned by mama. DO NOT GO UPSTAIRS TO CLEAN WHILE SAID SUPPLIES ARE STILL LAYING AROUND. Johnnie was very proud of his stamping on the stair wall, his bedroom wall & some cabinets.6. So I put him to work cleaning the wall. Not really a punishment since he absolutely loves to spray & wipe as he calls it.7. And it definitely didn't teach him anything because not long after cleaning the walls he looked like this. 8. And our couch cushion looked like this. Once again he was very proud to show his art work & then he said "Spray & wipe"? NO. You can't spray & wipe off the couch. Again I say one of the hardest things in life. 9. I will soon be heading out on my own without Rick & the boys to Cabo San Lucas with two of my best friends. My very 1st vacation away from my babies. I will miss them all so much but am looking forward to some sleep & relaxation & recharing my patience batteries.

10. Jimmy only takes one 2 hour nap a day at daycare so he usually falls asleep on the drive home. And sometimes he is so sleepy that he stays asleep going from the carseat to the house. So sweet & so innocent. And as Rick pointed out this morning, "Isn't it sad that we as human beings lose this innocence at some point?" Maybe my kids will be the lucky ones who don't.


Katie said...

Have fun! Drink a piƱa colada for me! Kelsea loves to clean too, but she would not be smiling if our couch looked like that. You are way more calm than me!

Megan said...

More calm than me too! My kids like to clean too. I wonder when it stops being fun. I don't remember, do you? Have so much fun with your friends.

Sara said...

Just loved this post and that Johnnie's underwear was on backwards too. have a great time recharging those batteries.