Nothing a Bath Can't Fix

So it's Monday morning & here I am at home with my sick baby boy. He has had a cold for what seems like months. It will start to disappear & then it rears its ugly head. And each time it seems worse. Last night it came in the form of waking up every 1.5-2 hours crying with a runny nose & coughing & then wanting me to hold him for 45 minutes-1 hour & therefore we both only slept 2 hours. So home we stayed, just Jimmy & me. Most of the day he looked like this. And occasionally the tears stopped but sad face didn't. Before I took him to his doctor's appointment I decided he needed a bath & what you can see from this next series of photos is that bath time can fix everything. He was happy. The whining & crying stopped & my baby was just happy to be splashing around. He is officially 50 weeks old. Only 2 weeks away from 1. A little under the weather but happy as long as he's being held by mommy or playing in the bathtub. Feel better soon sweetie. Love you!


Megan said...

That sad face picture (the one without tears) is just too sweet. Too bad water conservation and not drying out baby's skin is so important. Otherwise, I would say leave him in the tub. Those are great smiles. I hope he feels better soon!

Sara said...

The crib picture is classic. Hope he feels better for his party!!!

Katie said...

Lorelei is the exact same way! Especially this week since she spent Tues-Thurs at home sick. But stick in her the bath and you would never know it. Too bad they can't spend all day in there! :-)