Gotta Love Grandparents (& a Cousin)

Now that I have a mostly healthy household I have been able to try & catch up on editing photos & posting them. I have always found it interesting that no matter how clingy our boys are being with us there is always time for grandpa & this week there was time for gramma, grandpa Joe & cousin Isobel. We were lucky enough to have them here to help celebrate Jimmy turning 1. But there were a lot of fun regular moments too. There was a lot of time spent trying to enjoy the nice California sun (they are from Connecticut) & the boys are always up for playing in the backyard. Joey convinced grandpa to swing with him & I was quite surprised to see that he fit rather nicely. Johnnie spent most of his time playing bubbles with gramma. It's a tradition between the two of them. They always seem to have so much fun. Blowing bubbles, Johnnie trying to catch them with his mouth & the two of them just giggling a lot. Jimmy just walked around the yard watching the activities but gramma managed to get a squeeze in & grandpa decided it was time to start teaching the little guy how to play tee ball which he seemed to really enjoy. Jimmy especially took a liking to Isobel & was constantly tackling her, hugging her & just having fun with her. She was a really good sport putting up with a house full of boys. She & Johnnie got along really great & from the moment she laughed at Spongebob I think Johnnie was in love. All week long we heard him saying "Isobel what are you doing?" "Isobel where are you?" And the first morning they were gone he walked around the house calling out for her. I would love to say there were some quiet moments too like our Valentines pancake breakfast but that would just be untrue. There were pancakes & bacon but no quiet. And on the last night before their visit ended we went out on a double date to celebrate Valentine's day a day late. We miss you guys already & can't wait for our next visit.


Megan said...

Grandparents ROCK!

Jackie Kelly said...

Love the pix, Cathy, and we all had a great time visiting the busy Bolander household! Johnnie is such a big boy now and was a sweet, fun little guy when we took him to the Aquarium. He and Isobel make a great team.

Joey is at the age where we couldn't catch him for much longer than a quick hug but he IS a cute little rascal. And this for Jimmy today: lots of hugs and kisses from us on your special One Year Birthday! Good news, Jimmy: you won't have to eat blue birthday cake again this year. What a face that was!

Isobel loved getting to know her West Coast cousins and Joe and I our beautiful grandsons. And of course it's always a pleasure to visit with you and Rick, even amidst the mayhem. All part of the fun. Special thanks to Kim for allowing the four adults our 'grown-ups dinner' on the last night.

All in all, a great visit and we miss you all!

Love and Hugs from the snowy East Coast

Katie said...

Wow--a date!! What a fun week. I can't wait for Kelsea and Lorelei to meet their cousin this summer!