10 on Tuesday- LA Zoo

1. We went to the LA Zoo on Sunday. It's been awhile. The last time we were here we looked like this. (March 2008).2. Now we look like this.3. We got there at 3pm & they start putting away the big animals at 4pm so our 1st hour there was a mad rush to see the gorillas, lions, tigers & last but not least the giraffes.4. Johnnie was a mad man & was constantly running ahead of us to get to the next animal, so again my camera was too slow to get him.

5. Luckily the "aunties" came along for the day because an extra pair of hands are always helpful. Kayci & Christian were in charge of the map & kept us on track. 6. Auntie Kim kept Joey happy for the day which wasn't very easy since he was feeling a little under the weather. 7. Joey was happy to see the zoo from this vantage point & it was hard to tell if daddy enjoyed it or not. 8. I really wanted a pic with Jimmy on his 1st trip to the zoo so I gave him a little pep talk.9. He was more interested in my earrings at first.10. And then yay! he smiled for the camera.


Jackie Kelly said...

'Before' and 'after' pix of the zoo are amazing -- shows how much things can change in just a short time! Too bad Joey wasn't up to par but Jimmy looked like he was enjoying himself. And Johnnie of course running everywhere. You all look great -- and Kaycie's SO isn't so bad either! ; -)
Hugs to all...

J.J. Killins said...

this is so funny but today i put fisher in the stroller and ran in to get the ipod cause it plugs into the stroller's built-in headphones. we used that feature all the time with alla walking on the strand, and not at all here...but i digress. i thought i'd show fisher how cool that would be, and when i reached in the pocket where you plug in the ipod i found a map of the LA zoo - and we hadn't been there since alla was just a little older than jimmy!