A Day In Our Lives

It seems our days go by so quickly & I wonder what I did all day with my time so today I'm keeping track so I can look back one day & either wonder how I survived or why I thought my life was so busy.

5:50a Rick wakes up to get ready for golf game
5:55 Johnnie comes running in our room

6:15 Rick leaves. I nurse Jimmy.

6:20 I change both boys diapers.

6:30 Johnnie has a bottle of milk (yes he still drinks a bottle)
7:00 Joey wakes up. I change his diaper.
7:15 Pancakes & Sausage for Breakfast

7:45 Wash hands & faces. Change 2 diapers.

8-9 Read books, build legos, play with train tracks & tummy time.

9 Change a diaper. Start Laundry.
9:25 Change another diaper.
9:30 Nurse baby.
9:45 Get everyone ready to play outside
10 Play in the backyard (Swing Set, Push Toys, Box Swing Set came in)
11 Snacks (Yogurt, Cheese & Grapes)
11:15 Change Johnnie & Joey's Diapers.
11:20 Books & Nap Time for Joey

11:30 Puzzles & Books with Johnnie. Start 2nd Load of Laundry.

12p Johnnie down for nap.
Fold Laundry. Straighten House.
12:30 Lunch & TV with Rick

1 Nurse Jimmy. Change Diaper.
1:30 Rick finishes putting together new swing set. I straighten kitchen
& entertain Jimmy.

2:30 Gym & Trader Joe's. Boys wake up. Eat lunch with Rick. Change 2 diapers.
3:45 Boys play outside while Jimmy nurses. Diaper Change.
4 I vacuum & straighten house.
4:30 Tummy time & playmat time for Jimmy. TV for Johnnie & Joey.
5 Boys outside with Daddy & Grandpa while I give Jimmy a bath.
5:45 Dinner for Johnnie & Joey while Jimmy nurses.

6:15 Bath time for big boys.
6:30 Jimmy naps. I start dinner.
6:45 Books & bedtime for Joey. Diaper Change.
7 I cook dinner. Rick starts 3rd & 4th loads of laundry. Folds 2nd.

7:45 Nurse Jimmy while Johnnie has another bottle & diaper change before 8pm bedtime.

8 Jimmy naps. We eat & watch Revolutionary Road (GREAT MOVIE!) while I knit Joey's blanket. (And yes I'm still working on this. I'm a little behind since I now have another one to make.) Rick folds final 2 loads of laundry.
10:45 Nurse Jimmy & put him & myself to bed.

It's been a long day. 4 Loads of Laundry. 19 Diaper Changes. 4 Time Outs for Johnnie (And Joey tends to join in & look happy about it). BUT IT'S BEEN A GOOD FULL DAY!


Megan said...

That is one busy day...and a lot of diapers!

Katie said...

I'm tired just reading that. :-)

Cute swing set. Can I bring Kelsea over to play? :-)

BTW I just watched Rev Road when Wallis was gone. I was so sad for them, not that crying sad, but just that heart-wrenching, that is real life sad.

Jennifer said...

I'm with Katie--I was going to say that I was exhausted just reading that, but she beat me to it. :-)

J.J. Killins said...

man i'm exhausted. how on earth do you do it!?!?!??! i'm going to have to do a post like this, and remind myself more often i have no reason to be tired! i want to watch that movie - i read the book in college, tho - so sad:(