Why oh Why

There are many phases that our children go through that I look forward to BUT there are also those things we have to teach them that seem fun at first but end up being the bane of my existence. For me this is letting children learn to feed themselves. NEATLY. NOT. Johnnie is pretty self sufficient at this point & most of his food actually ends up in his mouth, but it took a lot of messes & mishaps to get there. Well now we are starting over with Joey & to get attention Johnnie sometimes misbehaves with his food too. They both love yogurt but WOW! it takes a lot of patience to let them eat it on their own. But we deal with it especially because it makes them so happy. As you can see they actually feed themselves but just like Johnnie when Joey is done, he's done. Again I ask why can't they just know how to eat the way they know how to nurse? And the better question is why can't they just leave everything on their tray when they're done?


Sara said...

great post. I laughed through the entire thing...since I am living it too.

Megan said...

Haa haa. Let me know when you find the answers to those questions.

J.J. Killins said...

oh gosh don't i know. i remember telling alla SO MANY TIMES, no fingers. so many that one of her first phrases was "no froiners" and I'm sure we posted a video of that years ago. we haven't done much with fisher besides letting him take the spoon, but no holding the bowl!