Welcome to Summer

Summer has officially begun at the Bolander house now that we have celebrated Memorial Day weekend. School is over for Rick, the weather is starting to heat up, the summer project list is ready & we are looking forward to enjoying a lot of time outside soaking in the sun & just having fun. Rick had his last weekend with his USC classmates down at Rancho Bernardo in San Diego & thanks to my sister Kimberly watching Johnnie & Joey, I was able to take Jimmy down South with me to enjoy the closing festivites complete with singing (by daddy), skits, a nice dinner & lots of laughs. Then on Sunday we had some friends over for an afternoon of water fun & dinner. It was Joey's first time in the water & he loved it. After we changed him, he still went in the wading pool in his sweatsuit because he was having too much fun to stop. Once all the kids were dry we tried to get a photo of all of them together. The entire series makes me laugh especially if you pay close attention to Joey & his efforts to get front & center including using Johnnie's hair to balance in the 3rd pic. What a ham! And Jimmy went & turned 13 weeks old. This is a photo of him being very tired. He rubs his hands together & against his face & his lips get even more pouty than usual.


Sara said...

Love your heels. you guys make such a cute couple.

J.J. Killins said...

man you guys are HOT:) seriously, you look amazing cathy!