10 on Tuesday- Gramma Visit

1. Gramma just left after an 11 day visit. We were sad to see her go & look forward to our next visit. Here are some photos from the visit showing how much fun the boys had with her. Jimmy got to meet her for the 1st time & eventhough he's not smiling in the photos gramma did get to see a lot of those especially while she talked to him.2. We were lucky enough to have really nice weather during the visit so a lot of time was spent outside. One of the favorite activities was bubbles. At first gramma just taught Johnnie how to blow them himself. And after each set of bubbles he would say look gramma. Bubbles.3. Then Joey wanted to see what they were doing.4. He was so excited that he started chasing after them.5. Johnnie has always enjoyed saying "Roar" like a lion. Lately he has started covering himself with a towel or blanket to play peek a boo & when he uncovers himself he says "Roar" & now Joey does it too. They were doing it today to gramma.6. And then Johnnie asked gramma to get under with him to play & he was enjoying her participating.7. Johnnie had gramma build with him using tinker toys while Jimmy watched on .8. Rick loves to have his hair played with & I guess he has ever since he was a kid. His mom used to do it to him & now Joey enjoys it. 9. Look at gramma being excited enough for both her & Jimmy. But again let me say that he had lots of fun & gramma did get to see lots of his smiles.10. And lots of reading time. I think it's one of gramma's favorite activities & I know it's one of Joey's. Check back this week for more photos.


Megan said...

Gotta love the grandparents! Looks like a fun visit.

Jackie said...

Well, I had a great time during my visit, Cathy, and it's plain to see that in these pix. I miss all of you so it's wonderful to be able to re-live the vacation through your blog. BTW, Izzy just went to bed reading your "Bolander Boys 2008" book -- she especially enjoyed the 'censored' picture of Joey! Will catch up with your further via e-mail. Love and hugs to all of you.

Shelly Z. said...

How sweet! I love how they roar like a lion from under a towel or blanket. Great imaginations!!