He went & did it

Jimmy turned 1 month old but like my friend Katie pointed out, he's really only 4 weeks old since February was a short month. Have to look on the bright side, right? He did really well during his well check this morning. He is now 11 pounds 6 ounces (90%) & 22 1/2 inches long (80%). Holding up his head & looking around like a champ. Doing tummy time daily, looking around when he hears noises, reading books with mama everyday & I hope enjoying all the love & attention being showered on him by his parents & of course both his brothers. Jimmy is a very good baby. He rarely cries & when he does it's because he's overtired, hungry or COLD. These tears are short lived because he calms down quickly. He is now eating every 3 hours during the day & every 3-4 hours at night. He still does most of his sleeping during the day & stays awake a lot of the night. I love our new life with our baby boy & can't wait to see how much he will change this next month. During his photo shoot today he was very tired so he cried a lot. I did manage to get an adorable photo of him but am saving that one to mail out to his relatives. Here is a photo of him sleeping once he had calmed down. (My favorite body part of course). Then today Auntie Kayci came over & took some photos of me with my littlest boy who I believe is actually smiling here. And I got this idea from my friend. It basically shows how big Jimmy's feet are compared to my hands. It was a hard shot to get because he kept kicking his feet around, but I love it.


Megan said...

He does look like he is smiling with you. I love that photo.

Katie said...

Happy 4 weeks (and one day) Jimmy!

Cute photos! I can't really take credit for the feet in hands photo because I saw it on someone's photo blog. :-)

Jennifer said...

I love the feet picture! I wish I had thought to do that. Happy one month, Jimmy!