More Photos from Yesterday

Jimmy is doing well. The pediatrician came by this morning & said that everything looked great. I was able to get up this morning & my pain level is not awful as long as I move slowly. Jimmy's 1st night was okay. My sister Kimberly stayed with me because they leave the baby in your room 24 hours a day now. Rick went home to take care of the boys for the night so poor auntie stayed here to help me pick up the baby all night which was often. After each feeding he would stay up for a little while but as soon as you put him down to sleep he would either start crying or fall asleep for short periods of time. No more than 20 minutes straight all night. So I'm a little tired but hoping that his days & nights will switch soon. So I wanted to share some more photos from yesterday. These aren't great because they were taken while I was laying in bed. Here's daddy with his new baby boy! Meeting Grandpa, Auntie Kimberly & Auntie Kayci.


Katie said...

So sweet.

Don't worry, Lorelei was the same way the first two nights and then she settled down into a nice pattern. Hang in there, and sleep whenever you can!

J.J. Killins said...

so sweet:)

not to mention, rick's feet would be hanging out of that hospital 'bed!'

erin said...

congratulations!!! he's beautiful!