In case I haven't mentioned it, I sometimes feel guilty that Joey has never gotten my full attention because he is a little brother & will soon be an older brother. So this month as Joe approaches the milestone of turning 1 I am taking a photo of him everyday, sometimes alone & sometimes with others to show off his little personality. So hopefully I will be able to keep up with this endeavor so you can get to know my baby through photos. Lately when Joe has decided that he is done eating, he holds out his food to whomever is feeding him. Tonight when he offered me the rest of his dinner I told him "No Jojo you eat it." And this is the reaction I got from that.


Katie said...

I'm impressed! Are you going to do that for James too?

Megan said...

Jacob just throws his on the floor. The entire plate with whatever food is on it. Messy boy.

Shelly Z. said...

What a great smile!!! He is such a cutie!