10 on Tuesday- Party Weekend

1. Johnnie is 3 days away from turning so we had a birthday party for him this past Saturday.

2. We had a doggie bouncer for him & all the kiddos. As soon as it was set up he convinced his daddy & me to bounce with him & then he spent time throughout the day bouncing.3. This year he was willing to blow out the candle (with daddy's help) & tried the blue icing, but he refused to actually eat the cake.4. Of course his aunties were there to celebrate his big day & one day I'm sure he will actually cooperate & look at the camera to take a pic with us.5. After his fun day with great friends his gramma who flew in from Connecticut for the big day gave him a back & head massage with his new trains. He just kept asking for her to do it with bigger & bigger trains. And the next morning he picked up the train, sat down & waited for her to do it again.6. The day after the party we went to the park with gramma & Joey got some quality time with her. 7. Bimpa came too & Johnnie was really excited to show him the boats that were in the water.8. We set up the train table the Vuoso's gave us & put some of his new birthday gifts out for him to play with. We had actually hoped that he would stand next to the table instead of on it, but at least he was enjoying himself.9. Johnnie got this truck from our friend Chris & he spent all evening running all through the house with it & he even spent some time showing Joey how it works.10. Johnnie & Joey playing together with some of Johnnie's new toys. I can't believe he won't be 1 anymore, but it has been so exciting watching him grow especially with his little brother.BONUS: Joey is 38 Weeks Old now. Teething has been very painful for him & has kept him up many nights, but he is just so darn adorable with his two new bottom teeth.

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Shelly Z. said...

Happy early Birthday Johnnie!!!