Growing Up Fast

Joey is 6 months old today. To understand his personality a little I'm going to tell you about his check up today. He was smiling & flirting with everyone in the waiting room. He giggled the whole time his head was being measured, his height was being taken & while he was being weighed. He wiggled around during the entire exam, grabbing the stethoscope, the doctor's finger & the paper on the exam table. Then came the worst part of the check up. The nurse with the vaccines we chose to give. During the first one he screamed. Then as soon she pulled the needle out he started oohing & aahing again. Then he cried during the second vaccine until I nursed him.

He has changed a lot over these past 6 months & we can't wait to see him change over the next 6.

One month
Two Months Three MonthsFour MonthsFive MonthsAnd TODAY.

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