The Evil that is McDonald's

A tired mom, dad at school, 2 crying overtired boys & the lack of desire to cook dinner. This is how I ended up in the drive thru at McDonald's on the way home from running errands. Chicken Nuggets & french fries to share between mom & son. It seemed innocent enough, but McDonald's is evil. One taste & he was hooked. What is it about this place that kids love after 1 taste? One bite & he couldn't get enough. My boy who eats peas & cauliflower by the handful just started shoving french fries in his mouth & before he was even done chewing would start saying fresh fry (he can't say it right, YET) to get the next one. Don't get me wrong, this girl loves french fries, but I guess I just assumed that since he loves veggies & chicken he would just think this was another food that was just ok. Boy, was I wrong!


Megan said...

That's cute. Mazie used to call them "fren fries" with a little bit of a southern accent. If he eats like Mazie used to, he will still like his veggies and good-for-you food. Mazie is my best eater but Jacob is quickly gaining on her, and Jamie is finally coming around!

Heather said...

I love this post - it's so true. My work around for McDonalds is that we do the hamburger kids meal with apple dippers and skip the caramel dipping sauce. Then, I get something with small fries and share a few fries with the little one. We each get a bit of the good stuff, but not enough to feel totally sick! Your main picture is soo cute with both boys in the stroller.

J.J. Killins said...

oh i think they put crack in them. alla loves it, too, it's a special treat. she calls them ff's. and she gets apple juice at ronald mcdonald's so that's a treat, too, since we never buy juice for home. he'll still eat good food:)